About us

Who we are…

Envision Lā’ie represents a diverse group of residents and stakeholders of Laie, Kahuku, Hauula, and Ko’olau Loa who are working together to study Lā’ie and plan for its future possibilities.

Our mission…

Envision Lā’ie is planning a future that protects quality of life and emphasizes the values of the people who live in the Ko’olau Loa region.

Why change?

Life in Lā’ie and Ko’olau Loa is already changing and we have been adapting to it. It is increasingly difficult for residents to find jobs, own homes and raise their families in Lā’ie. Through well-thought out growth and expansion, a community where families and their children live for generations can be created.

We believe that envisioning Lā’ie’s future begins by understanding the spirit of Lā’ie. We looked at the population, campus planning, affordable housing, traffic, drainage, energy consumption, architecture, tourism trends, schools, community resources and a host of other issues. Using suggestions from the community, we are working to realize a plan.

The Envision Lā’ie Process

Envision Lā’ie began in August 2008. We conducted studies among residents to find a solution allowing residents to live and work in Lā’ie for years to come. The studies concluded that a possible solution for sustainability might be reached through growth.

In the spring of 2009 workshops and online surveys were done to determine if growth is the solution and how it could be achieved in a way that preserves the culture and values of Lā’ie. Hundreds of residents attended the workshops and participated in the planning process. Details of the workshops can be downloaded (Workshop presentation April 28-29 or Open House presentation April 30).

The Story of Lā’ie

Laie is a unique town, deeply rooted in its past and the culture of the people. To better understand the feelings and beliefs of Lā’ie residents, follow the links below and watch the video about Lā’ie, produced by BYU-H students.