Kulanui Street Landscaping Project Moving Forward

11th April 2016
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Planned landscaping improvements are coming soon to Kulanui Street!

As previously announced by land management company, Hawaii Reserves, Inc. (HRI), the thoroughfare will receive some upgrades starting this week:

•Installation of irrigation lines along the grassy shoulders
•Approximately thirty-four (34) kukui trees
•Decorative hedges at the makai and mauka ends of Kulanui

The landscape improvements follow the recent expansion of the roadway and the addition of bike lanes on both sides of the street.

“Kulanui Street is one of the major collector roads in Laie and we believe these amenities will increase the beauty of the area,” said Eric Beaver, president of HRI.

Beaver also mentioned that with the installation of the new trees, residents are being asked to park diagonally at a forty-five degree angle to the roadway, and to refrain from parking at intersection corners where parked cars limit sight distance and create safety hazards. He explained that, by law, vehicles are not allowed to hang over into bike lanes or the sidewalk, and parking is not allowed along the edges or curbsides of corners.

“For these reasons, when bike lanes were initially installed we asked residents to park parallel,” said Beaver. “We later saw that diagonal parking would be a good way to balance resident concerns about a reduction in parking spaces, and safety issues.”

Conceptual digital rendering – future tree growth depicted in a mature state. (Note that cars are parked diagonally without overhang into the sidewalk or bike lane.)

The landscaping project is expected to take approximately two weeks. Residents are kindly asked to move vehicles as needed to facilitate the project work.

Cross section of plantings from landscaping plans

Questions about the project may be directed to Jeffrey Tyau, HRI Vice President of Operations, at 293-9201.

Tyau noted, “We appreciate everyone’s cooperation as these improvements are installed and the area is beautified.”



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