“What I Love About Laie” Contest Winners, HRI Calendar Coming Soon!

12th December 2016
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HRI Photo Contest Winners

The winners of the Hawaii Reserves, Inc., “What I Love About Laie” photo contest were recently announced. The top picks were:
1st – Isaac Cordy, Laie Sunrise At Hand
“The majestic rays that peak above Laie Point make a beautiful start to a good day.”
2nd – Belinda Duke, Pounders Beach Memories
“Great memories of family and friendship leave footprints in the sands of time.”
3rd – Rebekah Strain, Laie Fireworks & Light
“In Laie, celebration and worship together create an environment of vibrant light.”

Other winners included: Keonaona Keo, Kevin Salts, Ashley Duke, Ashleigh Wong, Joshua Dang, Carol Feinga, Daniela Power, Jolene Kanahele, Lice Niu, and Gerald Kolbeck.

Congratulations to all of our winners, and a big mahalo to all who participated in the contest!
HRI 2017 Calendar Coming Soon!
Hawaii Reserves, Inc., is pleased to continue its 20-year tradition of sharing an annual Laie calendar with neighbors, friends and family. This year’s calendar will feature the winning submissions of HRI’s recent photo contest (please see above).
Cover photo by Keonaona Keo, Laie Sunrise Through Glimmering Glass
“Here in Laie you can find wonderful treasures, like a shiny ball that glimmers in the sand.”
The HRI calendar will be hand-delivered to Laie homes in coming days, and is a small token of appreciation for our lovely community. It’s also a reminder of all the wonderful things about Laie: its natural beauty, its spirit, its institutions and, of course, its wonderful people.
Mele Kalikimaka & Hau’oli Makahiki Hou 2017!

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